Prune et Turquoise

I have the feeling that I am swimming against the current and, of course, not getting anywhere. I hope it is only a feeling!!

This is one of my favourite dishes. I bought it from a pottery (probably the only pottery) in Corte in Corsica when I was pregnant with my daughter. I don't usually go for blue anything but I love the shade of this pale turquoise. I use this dish for making crumbles and upside-down red onion pie and for serving couscous and bulgour wheat salads. And I use it as a fruit bowl. Like today. And then I get all excited about the colours. Plums and turquoise. Yay!! Clementines look good in it too.

J'ai achété ce plat dans une potterie à Corte en Corse. J'aime peu le bleu mais ce plat est mon préféré à cause de sa couleur et ce paradoxe le rend encore plus cher à mes yeux, surtout lorsqu'il contient des prunes: leurs couleurs se mettent en valeur parfaitement.

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