on the corner of my table...

I take a lot of my still-life photos from the corner of my table since it sits handily right in front of a north facing window and I like the light there. So today here are a few of my recent photos from that spot. I sometimes like and sometimes hate the natural framing effect of my table's "border".

Ma table à manger se situe à côté d'une fenêtre et donc tout naturellement je prends beaucoup de mes photos (mes natures mortes -j'aime tout documenter) de cet endroit. Aujourd'hui je vous montre quelques unes de mes plus récentes...

The last harvest - green tomatoes from the garden (now red).

La dernière récolte. Tomates vertes du jardin (rouge depuis).
My boyfriend's mother's annual return from Montenegro always feels like harvest festival! This year she was back two months later than usual and so instead of fresh figs, she bought dried (green and black from our trees oh yum!) together with walnuts, persimmons and clementines from the garden. Honey from a cousin's beehives. Grappa from our vines (smells so good and sweet but not my thing at all). A whole bunch of dried chili peppers too (ditto really). Wow. I like recalling that abundance!

Lorsque ma belle mère rentre du Montenegro tous les ans elle ramène le contenu de la corne d'abondance avec elle. Sans la corne. Et je l'admire, car ça ne doit pas être si évident de faire passer des oeufs, figues, raisins, clémentines, olives, kakis etc sans les écraser et sans se faire "choper" par les douaniers (je ne suis pas sure qu'il est vraiment permis de transporter toutes ces-choses-là. Mais ce n'est pas comme si elle les cache sous ses vêtements non plus). Bref. On se régale à chaque fois.
I had such a nice time hollowing out and carving a pumpkin with the kids. My first ever pumpkin. Child or adult. Later found out I didn't hollow it out enough (i.e. lunch is still in there!!). Heheh. Don't quite have that You Tube tutorial thing down to a T yet.

Ahhh la citrouille obligatoire. Mais pour la première fois jamais (pas si obligée)! J'ai adoré concevoir, mettre en oeuvre et réaliser ce projet! Je donne l'impression d'être employable n'est-ce pas! Je ne vous dis pas que c'est une fausse impression, juste que je n'ai pas l'impression de donner souvent cette impression!!! Hihihi.
And we have a new and I hope useful houseguest. I think I will call him Peter. Peter the Pitcher Plant. Thanks Alicia for encouraging me to actually wonder just who Pete is, was. And thanks for making me want to cook so much. I bought, oops forgot to go back and pay my florist, I stole him to eat flies. In front of my daughter. Hmm (it is Halloween). And thanks Amiga for putting me on to this good thing.

Et je vous présent Peter. Peter la plante.
Depuis que j'ai fait la version anglaise je me suis rendu compte que j'ai oublié de retourner payer ma floriste. Un mec hyper sympa qui apparamment me fait trop confiance (oops, mardi alors) et qui m'a filé cette plante carnivore sans se poser toutes les questions que je me pose: la déontologie d'être végétalienne et de poséder une plante carnivore ;-). Merci Amiga de m'avoir mise sur la piste.


  1. Great pictures! I particularly like the one of the potted plant. From that angle I don't recognize it. What type of plant is it?


  2. Hi Alicia
    Actually the plant is a carnivorous pitcher plant. It makes me laugh to think that one through! My daughter is interested in them and I have little flies near my fruit bowl (should I confess to that?) so it seemed like the natural thing to do! I plan to caption the photos but today, even though I really wanted to blog, I just didn't feel like writing a post. Thanks for dropping by again.

  3. Jenny,

    I never heard of that plant before. Don't we all have those annoying little flies? Ughh. Does the plant help with the flies? If if does I need to get one too. Great idea, I wouldn't have thought of it.

    I understand not feeling like writing today. I was like that most of today. MoFo seems to have taken its toll on everyone.

    I love photography so I can't wait to see what you shoot next.


  4. Alicia - You made me want to write so I did! I will let you know how (ahem) Pete works. I'm rooting for him in my interspatial kitchen wars.
    BTW you have done a fantastic job for MoFo - personally I am sad it's over but then I wasn't writing every day like you!

  5. Jenny,

    You are like my husband with grappa. It isn't his thing either (leaves more for me). My favorite is grappa from brunello must. Is my Italian showing? ;)

    Thanks for the compliment on my work during MoFo. I do tend to write often, but somehow knowing I had to write everyday made it seem more daunting. I guess I don't like rules .... I am more of a free spirit type.

    Please keep us posted on Pete's progress. If he works I am getting two!

    For what it is worth I like the framing of the table in the pics. :)



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