Week 2; Ma and Pa's house

So after Glasgow we trained it down to my Mum and Dad's house and there we had a different sort of week all together. It feels like home there for the kids because they know it so well and so it was a peaceful and cosy week with trips to the park, to the shops, to Horse World.
I finished quilting a cushion cover I made for my friend (hello dear friend!! - she reads my blog so I didn't put the picture up before giving it to her) on my Mum's smart sewing machine and it felt like the equivalent of passing from an MG Midget to a new BMW or something (I'm guessing because I don't drive but I did see some reactions to a new BMW over the summer). My machine is actually my Mum's old machine, a Pfaff, and just recently she came across the receipt - she bought it in Germany in May 1979. So it was 30 in May and still going strong.

At the end of the week Mum drove us to Northamptonshire for a family party - we LOVE family parties and this one was no exception
(my daughter mentioned it as one of the highlights of her summer in a school writing project). Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins and their children (hello dear family!!) were there and we all had a fantastic time. Only downer is that they don't last longer and don't happen more often!

Pour la deuxième semaine des vacances en Angleterre, nous sommes allés chez mes parents: un cadre rassurant car très familier. Nous avons fait les choses tranquillement (sorties au parc, à la piscine, pour voir des chevaux...) et on s'est bien amusés tout en se reposant. J'ai terminé une housse de coussin que j'ai faite pour une copine sur la machine à coudre de ma mère et là j'ai bien compris la différence entre une ancienne machine et une nouvelle: la mienne a eu 30 ans cette année (ma mère a retrouvé le ticket récemment: elle l'a achetée en mai 1979 et elle a du me la donner en 1997). Une nouvelle machine est plus vite, plus facile, moins manuelle certes mais ne ne changerais pas la mienne quand même!

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