It's the little things...

One of the things that had been bugging me in our house was the letterbox in the front door which had been put into disuse by the previous owners (my friends!) by taping two envelopes over the hole. It was functional but just not that pretty to look at and so a couple of weeks ago I made a patchwork letterbox cover!

And then I made a keyring for the new letterbox key and one for the cellar key. These two keys never go anywhere but I now feel a little lift everytime I glance at them. And a big lift every time I go out the front door. Silly huh? I used fabrics that evoke two cushion covers I made and that have flown the nest. I love these hues and no they wouldn't go with my sofa but I think they are a perfect match for the wood of the door.
And check out our tea last night. Our pumped-up version of miso soup, here seen with udon, edamame beans, carrots, spring onions, dried black mushrooms and dried shitake mushrooms. We are going to try making a simple versions of miso soup for breakfast. As soon as we get up in time.

Trois petits projects qui ont pris cinq secondes à réaliser mais qui me font sauter (intérieurement bien sûr, sinon ça serait inquiétant) de bonheur à chaque fois que je les vois: Une couvre "trou à lettres" (quel est le nom correcte pour cette aperture?!!) et deux porte-clés pour des clés qui reste dans leur... trou!!! Ou pas loin. C'est tout bête mais ces petits détails me mettent de bonne humeur. Mon mec, lui, ne s'en rend même pas compte de leur existance.

Et regardez ce que nous avons mangé hier soir: une soupe au miso version bourrative. Tellement bon!!!


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