Week 1: Glasgow

We are back! The kids and I spent three weeks in the UK, each week at a different location and had a fantastic time with family and friends.

Nous sommes de retour! Les enfants et moi avons passé trois superbes semaines en Grande Bretagne, une semaine par endroit.
Our first week was in Glasgow with an old school friend and his family. Every day we went on fun outings and I totally fell for Glasgow again! I think it is one of my all time favourite towns: so green, so friendly, so hip, so veganable.

On a passé la première semaine à Glasgow, une ville qui a plutôt mauvaise réputation mais qui n'arrête pas de m'étonner. C'est une ville verte, vivante, végétalisable... Je me vois bien vivre là un jour...
I love the botanic gardens so much. The Kibble Palace glasshouse, recently restored, makes you feel like a spaceship has landed (I especially love the carnivorous plant section inside).

J'adore les jardins botaniques. Le serre "Kibble Palace" pourrait avoir atteri de l'espace.
My daughter loves plants and flowers and took loads of photos there including the one above which I really like - so mysterious.

Ma fille adore les plantes et les fleurs. C'est elle qui a pris la photo ci-dessus. Je l'aime beaucoup pour son mystère.
Our friends, who live in a flat, have a communal garden which they share with the occupants of all the buildings that enclose the large garden area. So people living at different addresses in different streets can all hang out their washing on the same lines, cultivate the same space, play together and share compost. Amazing. Oh and you can snack on strawberries there too!

Nos amis, qui habitent en appartement, partagent leur jardin avec tous les occupants de tous les immeubles qui entourent l'espace. Donc il y a plein d'activités communales: on peut tendre son linge, planter des légumes, jouer au bac à sable et grignoter aux fraises. Ensemble. Génial.

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