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As I said, I really liked the star effect on the cushion cover I made the other day, so I incorporated it into a case I have just finished making for our new portable DVD player (difficult to photograph because it's black). Tomorrow, the kids and I leave for the UK by train. We leave Paris in the afternoon and will arrive at Glasgow, Scotland at midnight. That's lots of time sitting down in a small space and I am slightly anxious that my son won't cope very well with the confinement. Hence the DVD player and it's case.
And of course although I have all my strategic packing (light as I can) to be doing and sorting and tidying, I spend my afternoon sewing a case! I did circles in a square on the other side. Note the almost ready potato plants in the background. Because of the rush I was in, I am not 100% proud of the result. I like the look of it but I hacked all the fabric, batting, backing, lining and interfacing instead of carefully squaring everything up, pulling threads and being precise. I was a few milimetres off with the zip on the inside pocket and should have re-sewn and I should have spent more time sizing (it could do with being slightly bigger), also I didn't bother putting a turquoise bobbin in for the zip (so the thread is black on the, albeit invisible, underside and I didn't bother changing back to all black thread when sewing the different parts up so turquoise does show through a little on the sides. These are small details that don't show but that I know are there. I am usually far more meticulous than this. My Mum will laugh reading that because I totally wasn't like that when I was younger. Our neighbours came round Friday night for a meal with us. We had such a good evening - really enjoyed ourselves with them. Boyf cooked pasta alla norma for us. Yummy!! I have probably already mentioned this dish because it is one of my favourites: you mix, on the plate, spaghetti, tomato sauce, hot grilled aubergine, walnuts, pre-soaked sultanas and fresh basil. And parmesan cheese if you like. I made rhubarb compote for pudding which we ate with raspberries from the garden and raspberry sorbet. Our neighbours are 65ish so not spring chickens as it were but I think I enjoyed myself as much as I would have with friends our age - possibly more.

So to sum up, we I will be off galavanting for the next three weeks and I don't know how much blogging I will get done. I will actually see some of (er the bulk of) my readers though (yay!!! can't wait to see you all and daughter is so excited too) so I guess that's even better than reading boring posts about sewing and food. Now I'm off to lower the waist of a pair of drawstring trousers I made, that I love but that are REALLY unflattering. I would also like to make a pair of trousers for my son. And then I need to pack! Hum. What are the chances of me getting all that done?

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