Ooops, sorry, I had a really busy day yesterday and didn't get round to posting...

Check out this amazing house where we spent a week or so during the Easter holidays. It's my friend's family house up in Normandy and is affectionately called "the ruin" because when her parents bought it, many years ago, it was a... ruin! Now though it is a perfect country house, cosy, large, beds galore for all those guests and their children and their dogs.
One of the nicest features is the enormous log fire.
Look at this rocking chair. Such a cliché but such a nice way to pass the time. Toasty warm and knitting, breaking now and then to poke at the embers or chuck on another log. My friend's dad is a passionate cook and many a meal was roasted over this fire on custom built iron grills.

I asked my daughter the other day what the best day she had ever spent was and her answer was one of the days here in Normandy when we fed some local rabbits and sheep and picked some flowers and hung around in the hammock and had a treasure hunt. Simple stuff.

La maison de campagne de ma copine où nous avons passé une semaine pendant les vacances d'avril. Quel bonheur d'être entre amis, dans la nature, sans horloge, sans soucis. La vie simple mais riche. Ahhh.

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