Ho Hum

Ho Hum what to write about? I have nothing in particular to report but feel as though I should write something...

I have been quite productive this week, mainly because I have chosen my 15 favourite internet sites, put them in a "daily read" bookmarks folder and they are the only sites I consult on a daily basis. I have also tried to keep the computer turned off until the evening. So simple and yet so effective!

I have decided to boycott my local supermarket and actually it takes more time to do that than I would have thought. I came to this decision for three main reasons, first of all their prices have gone up incredibly over the last six months. Many products are cheaper in my local and privately owned organic shop across the street. Secondly, they have jumped on the sustainability, organic bandwagon but it seems so hypocritical to me - they let us know about how green they are on enormous printed posters, plastered everywhere and in masses of leaflets. All they really want is my money and they spend a lot of money harming the planet trying to get it!! And thirdly, I hate waiting in line there.

Half way into the week, I realised that a total boycott was the shopping equivalent of cutting off my nose to spite my face since there are things they have that I need that I can't find anywhere else locally so I have decided to do the undoable - cut down but not completely stop!! Just go there for the very specific products that I can't find elsewhere locally. So far that list is quite small since I do have a couple of other local shops I can use, one of which is a smaller supermarket. So when I went there the other day with a list of three items and I walked out of the shop with those three items and nothing more, I felt really good. Wahey!

Enough of ranting. Look at D's map. Ha the funny thing is that the supermarket I am boycotting has pride position and is the fairly central low oblong building with the two towers. The map started local but soon broadened its horizons... Australia is on the bottom left (see the shark - there are sharks in Australia) and Africa is bottom right - there is a restaurant and a zoo. India is up from Africa with the jungle and the desert palace. Amazing!!!

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