Note to self: Find suitable wall in which to hammer nail for hanging finished garments in order that photos of such garments do not include doorhandles, door frames, window frames etc and do include beautifully filtered natural light. Or, get Photoshop.I proudly present to you my first dress for D from "Girly Style Wardrobe" - one of the Japanese sewing books I got at the Fête de l'Aiguille. I think D really likes the material but she hasn't seen it made up yet since she is out with her Papa and brother (I seized the opportunity to actually get some sewing done during daylight hours). I think it is obvious that I chose fabric I thought she would like but that doesn't necessarily correspond to my taste (yuk, pastels!). This is model T and was easy enough to sew but I did need to spend quite a lot of time pouring over the whole book to get my head around the Japanese way of doing things. For example, this is my first pattern with no seam allowances included. I found I used far, far less material than the book said was needed; mainly because my fabric was 150cm wide rather than 112cm (this enabled me to cut two rather than three strips for the ruffle and also I didn't have to cut the belt on the bias to get the required length in one strip). Enough blah blah about sewing details. I kind of feel I have to mention them but it's not really my thing. What seems to be my thing though is actually sewing girly stuff up for my girl. If I can fit other cute things in for her around my more "important" projects it will certainly be with great pleasure.

Oh and Happy Easter (or as my brother put it "Happy Zombie Jesus Day"). We don't really celebrate Easter but we do celebrate chocolate. Every day. And there is a lot more chocolate hanging around today than usual (thanks Mum, thanks kind neighbour, thanks J,F,K) and it is more eggy, rabbitty, henny and belly in form than our habitual er rectangles, which ups the fun stakes if not the taste stakes... so I guess I do feel thankful today, for that. No offense to anyone who feels thankful for other reasons.

EDIT: Daughter loves the dress and it will fit her for a nice long time. "I will wear it to Birthdays Mummy and special occasions. But I won't eat chocolate in it."

Yay!! Non seulement la maison est remplie à croquer de chocolat (merci maman, merci gentille voisine, merci J,F,K) mais en plus j'ai pu terminer ma première robe tirée du livre japonais "Girly Style Wardrobe". Je pense qu'il est évident que la robe est destinée à ma fille (je ne porte que rarement autre chose qu'un t-shirt noir...). La robe était facile à assembler mais j'ai dû vraiment étudier le livre pour bien comprendre comment font les japonais, surtout au moment du découpage du tissu... heureusement que les chiffres sont universels. J'ai envie de faire encore de la couture maintenant (les enfants sont partis avec leur père) et il commence à faire noir donc je vous laisse... comme ça. Presque comme un raccrochage au nez. Mais pas!


  1. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I will tell your mother that you enjoyed the chocolate :-)

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Your blog came up on a search for 'sarouel pants pattern' on google.
    Yours are gorgeous, can you tell which pattern you used.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi, thanks for the comment about my sarouel trousers. Funnily enough I made some for a boy doll in another style just this morning! You can see them on my Flickr page. Sarouel trousers are really easy to make. I came up with both patterns (square or rounded inside leg) without any hassle. I'll put up a tutorial soon explaining how.

  4. oui, mais tu dois admettre ceux qui sont si mignons. Je suis toujours un fan de robes bon marché qui peut être porté à nouveau!


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