What a shame, what a shame

What a shame! I spent all weekend sewing up this Built By Wendy coat (pattern 3966) that was a project from last year that didn't get done for whatever reason (new baby probably) and now it did get done. But, B reckons I have just wasted a weekend sewing a sack (for potatoes). I received email confirmation of this from my soul mate (that's YOU!) and so I just have to decide where to bury this project! The pattern was fine I think. Maybe, I chose the wrong size - too big. Maybe I chose the wrong material - too heavy. Maybe it's just the wrong style for me - too loose fitting. No point dissecting it all now. Onwards! Oh I will just say that I enjoyed sewing the raglan sleeve, and putting the lining in. Stuff I hadn't done before. I hated ironing both the wool outer and the satin lining - I missed that feeling of satisfaction you get when crisping up cotton (and YOU can't quote me on this, the official line is still that I loathe ironing OK? heh heh).

Quel dommage! J'ai passé mon weekend à coudre cette veste et le résultat, bien que techniquement satisfaisant, est un sac à patates (confirmation vient de tous les coins). La faute n'est ni au patron (qui est celui-ci) ni, je pense, à mon travail. C'est plutôt une combinaison de plusieurs facteurs; le tissu trop épais, la taille trop grande et la coupe trop large. Bon. Tant pis. Passons à autre chose.

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