Hello Dolly

These beautiful creatures are the dolls I made for my daughter and my friend's daughter when they were oneish. At that time, only four years ago, I had a tiny little webcam that took photos like this on a good day. The dolls were very simple. Their faces were embroidered a little too garishly really (to my own wonderful design) and their hair was beautifully soft and fluffy. I have just had the thought to take a photo of my daughter's one later on today...So... I saved my draft and took a photo and this is how I dug her out of the soft toy basket - naked with a Dora sock on half of her hair. The mind boggles what D was trying for!
This is the doll I am just finishing for a birthday next week and that I posted WIP pictures of. I have to get it in the post by Monday. Her hair is made out of dishcloth cotton. It comes like a ball of wool and you knit dishcloths out of it. It is unbleached and remarkably soft. Much softer than string which is of course what it looks like. That was my Mum's idea (or rather she spotted the idea in a magazine some time ago and sent me a ball of the stuff).
As you can see, the doll's dress is made out of that incredibly popular Kaffe Fassett print. I like it but it also bugs me because since I have used it, I see it everywhere on the web (no links for you though). Like when you are pregnant and suddenly the world is full of pregnant ladies. The doll has bloomers but no photo. I feel you can have too many doll photos in one post no?

In other news, my lovely little boy is one and D will now stop saying to everyone who asks his age that he is zero. Witnessing children growing up is exciting but I always have the niggling sense that something precious is slipping through my fingers too which makes it bittersweet. But hurrah for it all really. N'est-ce pas.

Bon... de toute évidence ce message aujourd'hui parle de poupées!! Les premières, représentées en haut en douze pixels, sont celles que j'ai faites pour ma fille et sa copine il y a quatre ans pour leur premier anniversaire. Mon petit webcam de l'époque ne me manque pas du tout. Mais du tout!! En cours d'écriture, je me suis dit qu'après tout je pourrais éffectuer des fouilles dans la chambre de D pour prendre de nouvelles photos de sa poupée... et voilà comment je l'ai désentérrée - toute nue à part une chausette Dora sur les cheveux. Va savoir! Les autres photos sont de la poupée que j'essaye de terminer pour envoyer dès lundi. Ses cheveux sont en er... je ne sais pas comment dire... en fil de coton fait pour tricoter des chiffons à vaiselle. Ca ressemble à de la ficelle mais en beaucoup plus doux. Ma mère a repéré l'idée il y a quelque temps et m'a envoyé le nécessaire. J'adore ma Maman. Voilà! je dois filer à l'école donc je vous laisse traduire mon texte anglais si vous voulez lire au sujet de la nostalgie lié aux enfants qui grandissent... non? Je suis plus ou moins d'accord!!

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