Intangible Cultural Heritage

I was in Paris yesterday to see my lovely, lovely chiropractor and while waiting I took a stroll in the area and came across an open-air photo exhibition on the fence around the UNESCO building. There was a series of 90 or so photos illustrating UNESCO's mission to safeguard Intangible Cultural Heritage. What a wonderful quarter of an hour; spent with dancers, story-tellers, violin makers, singers, tribal rituals from all over the world. The colours! the costumes! the passion! The very idea of intangible cultural heritage!

I am in the middle of making a shirt. A proper shirt (the Emily pattern from Burdastyle, which beat the shirt pattern from Sew U to the cutting board). All I have to do now is sew the buttonholes and buttons. I am so pleased with the result (v. pro). All part of my long-term plan to make all of my own clothes. But I have come across a couple of issues: 1) I am hopeless at sewing buttonholes, even with a button hole feature on my sewing machine and 2) er shirts don't suit me! This is a catastrophe. I was relying on them to replace my trusty t-shirts. I wear a t-shirt every day. So... this is a challenge. I need to find things that I can sew that I feel comfy in, that I feel warm in, that suit me... help. Nothing like a challenge. I am going to try to remake the shirt with a blousier theme. In a blousier fabric. Just to see. I'll post a pic of this shirt again when it is really finished.

More catching up though... I saw this little guy (or gal) and was immediately inspired to make a whole family of them...

D of course wanted hers to have a skirt. And S's no longer has arms or legs. But the one that was a gift...
Got her own little custom bed!!
How cute huh!? A little purse that actually is a panda bed.

Now it is time for my bed.

Night night Jellybeanlupin!

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