Patchwork square

I have just finished the patchwork square for one side of the pot holder and here it is. The colours in the photo are awful they are much brighter in reality. The pale solid for example is actually bright lime green. I washed all the fabric first although was very tempted not too through laziness and wanting to get on with the actual doing of it - one point for anti-laziness! I am quite happy with it in terms of me having cut out carefully, matched the squares, managed to press all the seems in the right direction and kept the actual squares in the right order and orientation. I think though that I could have come up with a better combination of material and composition. Well never mind. I intend to make a few to get this patchwork business down pat. I see that it is a nice thing to pick up and play with at odd moments (quilt on the way?). But now I must make a bag for my friend's baby boy.
I haven't mentioned this before, but D is a bilingual little girl because her Papa, B, is French. We live in France. I speak English to her and more and more she replies to me in English. Tonight we are going to spend the evening and night with some friends who are also a multi-national couple -Australian and French. It's always nice for our girls to get together and see someone else who speaks both languages.

Right onwards!

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