Personalised Pencil Case

So this was my Paris Vegan Day brunch. Or part of it. Don't know if you can make out tofu omelette, veg curry, mushroom risotto plus of course the sprout salad (sure you can spot that) and the carrots. It was yummy and very nice to pick whatever I wanted from everything on offer. As a lot of you know, my appetite knows few limits and so on top of that enormous plateful I had rice pudding, fruit compote and two servings of the most delicious food of the day: a sweet, dried fruit and quinoa dish that, surprisingly, came sprinkled with fresh basil - taste explosion. I ate it too quickly to snap a photo unfortunately.

La partie salée de mon brunch Paris Vegan Day. Délicieux. Je suis désolée de n'avoir écrit qu'en anglais mon dernier message. C'était une journée fantastique dédiée aux gens comme moi qui choisissent leur repas avec leur coeur en ne mangeant aucun produit animalier... je vois que j'aurai des efforts à faire dans d'autres domaines. Je suis en train de réfléchir à la question de la laine (et le soie etc.) la porter, utiliser ou pas.
Hot off the sewing machine but cold on my snowy shelf outside: a personalised pencil case to be given as a teacher's gift. I am particularly pleased with the PACE because I didn't really want to start repeating colours or interfering with the rainbow effect. I think using pastels (breaking my rule number 7: steer clear of pastels) worked well: they are pretty (actually I am reminded of getting close-up to Gaudi's pillars in Barcelona - the mosaic on them looks white from a distance but the closer you get the more their subtle pastel hues come into play) but detract nothing from the vibrant ROSEMARY.

Je viens de terminer cette commande: une trousse personnalisée pour une maîtresse. Je suis très contente d'avoir franchi l'une de mes règles personnelles (R. N°7 - éviter les couleurs pastels) car je trouve que le PACE en pastel compliment le tout sans faire un effet "explosion chez Casto".

And of course I am happy that this gift will be going to someone who is apparently a total star!

Et je suis contente bien sûr que la personne qui la recevra semble la mériter (hi hi hi)!

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