My boyfriend loves hot food. Not hot as in piping. But hot as in nose-running, eyes-streaming, mouth-ablazing chili-hot hotness. He literally chomps a chili pepper or two with every meal - I am not convinced this is healthy but I think when you are used to hot hot, even mild hot just seems bland. Anyhow... I thought I would share with you a few of our different types of chili. From back left of my still life above we have: fresh chilis grown in Montenegro by my boyfriend's aunt - very hot, great chili flavour. Large dried chilis, nice in stew. Chili powder brought back from Kashmir - these chilis are not so hot but are very red and actually impart their red colour to dishes from Kashmir - you can't find this sort of chili in Europe (I think). Bog standard chili powder, can be found everywhere. Fresh green chili from the Indian quarter. Dried small chilis - the go-to for chomping when we have no fresh chilis. Fresh red chilis from the Chinese quarter. And there you have it. Too many chilis. I didn't photograph our dried Mexican chipotle chilis, our caribean chilis in oil, our chinese sweet chili sauce or our tobasco (I am the only one to use the last two). Interesting? Boring? Pretty at least.

Mon compagnon adore le piment. Il le mange à chaque repas. Sérieux. Je ne pense pas exagérer quand je dis que lorsque je fais une soupe aux poireaux par exemple, lui il croque un piment à côté. Moi je n'aime pas trop ça. Mais je les trouve très beaux et donc j'ai pris une sélection de notre collection en photo. De derrière à gauche (sur la photo) il y a des piments poussés par la tante au Monténégro, de gros piments séchés, du poudre de piment ramené de Kashmir qui est très rouge mais pas très fort - ce piment est utilisé comme un colorant rouge dans les currys de Kashmir, du poudre de piment normal, des piments verts achetés dans le quartier indien, de petits piments séchés et des piments rouges achetés dans le quartier chinois. Voilà. Trop de piments. Mais ça fait joli!


  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Oh this is something for the eye and tongue! Ah, Jen, I just heard from Jinx you are so lucky to meet the very best, very inspiring lady of the post punk kitchen, Isa! Looking forward to hearing tales. K x x

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    hello Jenny
    Juliette sera là le samedi 13 ( vers quelle heure?)
    Elle est malade en ce moment la varicelle mais samedi elle ne contaminera plus personne, elle est à la maison depuis qqs jours.
    A samedi ton blog est toujours aussi bien!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi K! Been busy -sorry for not replying. Paris Vegan was yesterday. I'll call you to tell you all about it! Hope F's leg is better. xx


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