I'm afraid I haven't much for you again. And I blame the football! We love football in this household (we being the er ruling half!!) and the World Cup is the only thing we ever watch on television. That and the European Cup. I was pregnant for the last two World Cups and so am convinced that a good match could provide both my children with that nice, warm, fuzzy, in utero feeling. Not sure they would agree with me yet on that one although I do maintain that the potential is there.

Bon ben en France en ce moment le foot occupe nos écrans et nos oreilles et notre parlement, que l'on le veuille ou non. Sauf que nous on le veut et ça prend du temps. On vient de regarder Japon-Danemark et quel match. Ah! J'étais enceinte pour les deux derniers mondiaux et du coup je suis persuadée de l'inéluctabilité (merci wordchecker) du fait que mes enfants vont, tôt ou tard, adorer le foot qui va les ramener à cet endroit que nous recherchons tous: er l'utérus! Hmm il fait tard.

Apart from that, something lovely is happening and that is that my three-year-old son is discovering the joys of friendship and really it is heartwarming. He now often wants to share moments, toys and er funny bath-time hairstyles with his friends. He was invited round to a little boy's house yesterday and I asked him what he thought his friend might like as a small gift to take round. Well my son remembered that his friend really liked our marbles and didn't have any of his own and so he suggested that we give him some. My daughter immediately chipped in and said that she could give him some of hers and so I made the above little drawstring marble bag and voilà! It feels good to see your kids being thoughtful and kind.

Hmm ce paragraphe explique que l'amitié est belle, surtout lorsqu'elle inspire les enfants à être généreux et attentionnés. Oh et j'ai fait le petit sac à billes pour un copain de mon fils.I also made these two pouches recently. One is a make-up bag for my sister-in-law and the other is a pencil case - made to order for my client's daughter's teacher as an end of year gift.

Et ces deux trousses sont des commandes. Jaune = trousse de maquillage pour ma belle soeur. Orange = trousse d'école en cadeau de fin d'année pour la maîtresse de la fille de ma cliente.
I love the way the lines and colours flow on these pouches. They make me happy and I hope will make their recipients happy too.

J'aime bien le jeu entre les lignes et les couleurs, la lumière et la perspective.


  1. ton travail est toujours aussi beau. Bravo !

  2. Merci beaucoup AE! Je suis contente que mon travail te plaît. Bises.


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