On my desk...

Colour overload - feels like I'm sitting in a rainbow.
Saturation totale - comme si j'habite un arc en ciel.


  1. Hey Jen, so good to see a blog-entry and such great colours again... this picture reminds me of our last trip to the market, looking for buttons, and freeeeeezing cold fingers. Did I tell you - I want to start learning French again. Why? So I can go to markets with you lots and speak to the stall owners! Yes! I'm glad you decided to 'use it' rather than 'loose it'!

  2. Oh I remember! And your F was all cold and we had to wrap her up. And Rob found some yummy walnuts and persimmons. Anyway, as you can see I was back there the other day rummaging for rainbows. Hurrah learn French and come marketing with me!! xx


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