My eye

This is my eye. Badly applied mascara and all! I am sitting here wanting to post but not quite knowing what to say. I reformatted my hard drive and have only transferred back a few photos so I have no visual starting point for a post... I have been thinking a lot about renewal recently though and so am quite appreciating having an empty computer in front of me - no bookmarks, no photos, no passwords saved... The same thing has been happening superficially in my life too - I have bought new clothes, started going to the gym, even started wearing a little bit of make up (!) It feels like I am trying to start afresh and bring new things and habits into my life and above all a new attitude towards my physical self. But I realise writing this that there are lots of "old" things, habits and er people in my life that I definitely don't want to be rid of but that I have been neglecting shamefully. Life does seem to be a juggling act and my problem is that I have never learnt to keep many balls in the air at once. I guess I just have to keep trying.

Voilà. Mon oeil. Ca me fait rire en français... Et pour ce soir ce rire va devoir suffire - pas trop d'inspiration juste envie de vous dire un petit coucou


  1. Jenny,

    I stare at a blank screem often and don't know where to start blogging myself. It may be tad easier for me since I concentrate of food.

    It is interesting that you are thinking about renewal in the spring time.

    talk to you later,

  2. joli oeil ! ^^
    merci pour ta visite chez moi et tes gentils mots, cela me touche.
    Je suis ravie de savoir que ton colis est bien arrivé et qui te plait !!!!
    à bientôt Jenny.

  3. Hey Jen, I'm happy to see your eye! K x x

  4. You're right about the springtime Alicia I think, but it took you to point it out to me. It makes me feel good knowing that in spite of this modern world we live in, our bodies and minds are so atuned to nature.

    AE - J'ai trouvé un cadre pour BdeN: à suivre...

    K! Do you recognise it? So nice to hear from you here. xxx

  5. j'ai hâte de voir ça !! ^


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