The party

Hey I just got my life back!!! Oops. Am I really selfish?

The party's over, I've tidied up and I just have to make the kids some sandwiches for tea (can't believe they are hungry after all that food). The pinking shears were for about 15m of bunting. Rainbow bunting that I love love love! That makes me feel happy and that I think I shall keep up for a few days - impossible to take a good photo of it up in the house. 15m! And even this photo has terrible light. Ne'er mind.

My little girl's seven year old friends came mostly in full costume (little boy freaked when we opened the door to a fully masked witch, broom and all) and with prepared texts! Prepared texts at seven!! Yes they put on a play and it was fantastic. They managed to find a use for every single spare blanket, chair and cushion as props, decor and costume. In truth the preparation was more lengthy and meticulous than the play itself but both were very fun to watch.

So, Hurrah! for plays and dressing up and homemade witches caverns and cake and seven year olds and bunting and bits of broom to remind us of the fun and hurrah that it all comes to an end and hurrah that we can make it happen again whenever we like.
Si je n'écris pas maintenant, est-ce que j'écrirais plus tard? Peut-être... on verra!!

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