More fruit and veg

So on Monday I took girlie to the Champs Elysées and the Eiffel Tower while little brother was enjoying his last day at the creche (he used to go just on a Monday). Of course I left my memory card at home and so was unable to capture the "Oh Mummy it's like a dream" moment!

We also went to a Japanese bookshop to look for some clothes-making
books for me - I particularly wanted one with patterns for men's trousers - but I actually didn't find any that I wanted to buy. While I was browsing though, daughter had the time to look through loads of craft books and came up with a pile of ones she wanted - a book about different ribbons, a book about how to make tiny cakes and sushi out of fimo, a book about how to make tiny and elaborate handbags (!) and plates of food (!) out of beads (why?!!) so I vetoed all those ones but did get her one about how to make tiny animals out of beads - the why question stands but at least the diagrams were simple to follow and some of the models are fairly cute.My daughter (almost 7) managed to start off a heart very well but then got bored of counting beads and since then has been stomping about in a grumpy, foul mood (on the outside at least but I secretly suspect she is enjoying being a little horror).
I, whilst reassuring her that I don't want a replacement daughter, have been busy making a strawberry and a carrot! And in answer to my own why question... it's actaully quite theraputic and relaxing to craft small fruits and vegetables out of beads!

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