The Club part 2

Did I really write a post that long and boring about a chair?!! Gosh sorry about that. Getting back to the point therefore... I had made a "toile" (i.e. a mock cover in cheap fabric) but was putting off tweaking the design and cutting into the real fabric and my Mum helped me get my act together. It was only while doing it that I realised my procrastination was a blessing in disguise because it is much easier to manipulate so much fabric when there are two of you. Also my Mum really helped me with the construction detail and I was glad to have her experience on my side. You can see the finished cover above and I am very pleased with it. You can also see our new statue on the mantelpiece - it's made out of resin and was cast from the original Modigliani. My orchid is rather nice too...

I can't do a post about club chairs without mentioning my favourite place to get a coffee in Paris: Le Train Bleu. This is an amazingly decorated café-restaurant in the Gare de Lyon station. It is pricey but for 4.70euros you get to sip a coffee sitting in a fantastic winged club chair (my favourite spot) looking at the most ornate interior imaginable. I could never live in a place like this (I am not after all Marie Antoinette) but I am able to briefly appreciate the oppulence of the place. I took my brother and his friend when they came to stay this last week. You can see my brother's arm below.
This next photo is of the scene just over my shoulder... The link above has lots more photos. Go there next time you are in Paris.

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