Trains are a big part of my life. I don't have a car (or a driver's licence) so if I go anywhere further than local it is usually by train. I spent all morning today on the internet booking train tickets: from Paris to London, from London to Glasgow, from Glasgow to London and from London to Bristol (there will also be a Cambridge leg in there and possibly Fareham). Summer holidays in the UK with family and close friends, just me and the kids travelling up and down the country on a grand adventure. It has always felt like an adventure to me to get the train, you get to meet (or at least spy on - ha) so many different people, you pass so many different sorts of towns and countryside, I even like railway stations and all the metal bits and bobs (see picture taken on Saturday at a suburban train station) associated with train travel. The kids like trains too and have already travelled all over Europe (France, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy) by train. One day I woke up in Bristol and went to sleep in Montpellier - by train as it were. Ahh. It won't be long now.


  1. How lucky we feel that you'll be making it to us. It'll be towards the end of your travels so we can all just relax and eat lovely food whilst watching pheasants in the garden!

  2. Well I am the one that feels lucky having friends like you!! Pheasants?!!


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