Moving on...

We started moving this weekend. Our flat is looking, feeling and sounding very empty. All that we really have left is our furniture, bedding and kitchen stuff. Plus a few clothes and toys. Next weekend we move for good. I can't wait. I love our new house. I love our new courtyard. The photo above is just of a windowsill in the courtyard. I liked the colours of the bench, the shutter and the plant together.This photo is for my dear friend. (Hello dear friend!). Do you remember these Peruvian legwarmers you gave me all those years ago, even before M was born? Well they have served me well and never more so than now. I wear them a few times a week and have the toastiest ankles in town.

Ca y est. On a commencé à déménager. Il ne reste plus que les gros meubles et l'essentiel du quotidien dans l'ancien appart. Dans une semaine on sera dans notre nouvelle maison. J'ai hâte. Je l'aime tellement (aaahh)! J'aimais bien les couleurs dans la cour sur la première photo. Et la deuxième photo est de mes guêtres (?). On m'en a fait cadeau il y a neuf ans et je m'en sers toujours.

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