Sock love

This "sock" being the stocking I made for my little boy. In my mind it was a "crocodile meets suspected friends" scene. I didn't take a good photo unfortunately but I really like it and of course little boy thinks it's a dinosaur so he's very happy.

La chausette de noël que j'ai faite pour mon petit garçon. "Crocodile rencontre similaire". Je l'adore et mon fils aussi car il pense que c'est un dinosaure bien sûr (et qui dit qu'il a tort?).
And this is true love!! Those colours make me feel so happy and I can't wait for these socks to be finished so I can have many happy sock moments with them!

L'amour. Pour des chausettes. Je les aime déjà en me basant sur leur potentiel.

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