44, 54, 64

So a historic day...?
I have just listened to Obama's speech on the World Service via Internet radio and my Roku Soundbridge. I love technology! The speakers on my laptop were feak and weeble compared to my children's cries for food and then I remembered the Soundbridge connected to my amplifier... anyway all that is quite beside the point.
I have an awful confession to make which is that I feel disappointed with the speech. I don't quite know what I was expecting. Maybe you have to be American. I thought it would stir me and inspire me but for me it was humdrum. It actually made me think that nothing was going to change after all. Maybe I didn't get the point because of the distraction of my children. I will certainly be scouring the internet for other people's opinions about it. (Hoping I missed something). Still I quite fancy an Obama cross-stitch cushion. Via The Guardian.

I made a little pouch to hold some amazing memory cards that little man got for Christmas courtesy of my lovely aunt (hello there lovely aunt!). We love playing with these cards. My daughter is a whizz at memory and can beat me hands down without cheating on her part (or mine come to think of it). And my son loves looking at the pictures and naming them and telling me what colour they are and finding the second one etc etc. And FYI, 54 is not my age (as my daughter thought - huh) it is the number of cards in the set. So I can check they are all there. I originally learnt how to make bags like this from this amazing tutorial.
Oh, and I am just about to cast on 64 stitches for a second red sock.

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