The beanie

So it has been quite chilly around here lately and we are all cold-ridden and warmly wrapped up night and day. I passed on my brother's old woolly hat from when he was little to my son and the other day I thought we had lost it - I was quite upset sentimentally but shrugged my shoulders (in a "I'm not materialistic honestly" kind of way) and cast on for a new one. That evening my daughter found the old one (yay!) stuffed into the wrong cupboard but I finished the new one anyway.
The pattern is from Junior Knits by Debbie Bliss and I made it up in size 2 to 3 years. Happily the sizing would seem to be more acurately expressed by 2 to 36 years. We all fit in this hat. I don't suppose our heads will grow any more but no one older than 36 has tried it on. It is lovely and cosy and my son seems to like it, even if he won't pose in it. The wool I used is Lamb's Pride worsted and since I have lots more colours I intend to make lots more stripey hats. We'll see if I do because I have the feeling that my hands are not ready for intensive knitting - I most definitely don't want to provoke a carpal-attack in my "good" hand and my "bad" hand was tingling yesterday, I am sure from the knitting. Also, I am working on a "dinosaur meets Christmas tree" stocking for my son since he doesn't have one and well Christmas is not that far off now.

In other news... we sign for the new house next week. After that we will have between two and three months to get a mortgage, enroll the kids in schools and do all those other things that need to be done. We visited the house this week and my ideas about our new home are starting to develop quite nicely (helped along by my frequent trips to Apartment Therapy). One of my first projects I think will be to repaint the staircase from brown to... um... bright yellow and sky blue? Orange? We'll see.

Je vais écrire en français... mais plus tard!!

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