Beanbags etc

I am working hard today, making loads of stuff. I prefer to carry on working than to write but here are some pictures of what I have made today...

Ici ça travaille dur aujourd'hui. Je préfère continuer que d'écrire mais voici quelques photos du résultat de tant d'efforts.

A beanbag set. We all love playing with beanbags and so I think a set with its own bag makes a great present...
OK je ne sais pas comment ça s'appelle mais ce sont de petits sacs remplis d'haricots secs. Un psuper cadeau je pense...
This is a small quilt, the right size for an Ikea cot. I love these colours.
Une petite couverture, taille lit à barreaux Ikea. J'adore cette combinaison de couleurs.

And another one...
Et une autre...


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Not sure about the bottom one. The base bleeds into to main pattern a lot.

  2. Yup I kind of agree and think I should have inserted a pink border like for the other one. Never mind though. I can always change.


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