Troos and Tea

I have been at a loss as to what to write this week. I have started posts about many things and none of them came out naturally - they all felt contrived and so I didn't post them. I have just a few minutes before we start watching Oliver Stone's film "Alexander" but this time I actually have something to twitter on about so I feel disappointed. In brief therefore... I must have taken... no actually I know how many so I'll start again. I have taken 76 photos of myself today. Yes that's seventy six photos of moi. In my trousers. I keep whittling away at them, trying them on and wondering whether they are too baggy still or too tight or whether my bum looks too big or nicely hidden? This is one of the photos of me. Don't ask about the pose. The trousers are a pinstripe wool blend and I am sure will be lovely. You'll see a picture of them when they are finished.
And tea! Yummy. Here is a picture of my tea. We used to eat frozen pizza quite often as a lazy meal when we couldn't think of what else to have. But that's no way to eat pizza! So as a family we decided to only eat pizza made by ourselves from scratch. We of course eat them less often but they are soooo much yummier. This is mine (so no cheese) and those are piles of delicious tofu. I'll update this post later with the details of those delicious piles of tofu (I know you can't wait) and the French translation later - film time.

Traduction à suivre... désolée mais Alexandre le Grand m'attend.

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