I went shopping yesterday and am so pleased with my purchases! I have decided to make my own clothes as much as possible and the first items I have opted to make are the skirt from SEW U, and two other Built By Wendy patterns: the long version of her coat pattern 3966 and her top pattern 4111. I ordered the patterns off the internet - they should arrive soon and yesterday I bought the fabric for these projects. For the skirt I chose a nice very very dark blue denim with a yellowish sheen. I think I will do a lot of top stitching in yellow although I was considering making a "novelty" bias binding for detail. I still have to decide between the two - don't want to overkill my customisation. For the coat I found a fabulous material - tweedy wool in browns with green and reddy flecks. Lovely. It was on sale to so a total bargain price but of course they only had the end of the roll left and I am at least 40cm short of the recommended amount. So I intend to await the pattern to see whether I can squeeze the coat out anyway. If I can't well I shall make the inside of the collar and the buttons/button-holes' facings out of another fabric. I haven't decided on the lining yet so I have time to figure this out. Would be nice to get it done before the end of the cold weather though. And I bought three different materials for the top - a beautiful dark grey wool in a light stretchy weave to make a nice simple everyday version and the above cotton print fabric which I thought was soo cool!! Mushrooms, snails, four-leafed clover and hearts in one of my fave colour combos (fushia and turquoise) I couldn't have dreamt up a better fabric! It was a remnant and I have enough for a top for me and a top or tunic for D. I also found this beautiful African material - Dutch Bezin (?) in colours that go so well with my print. I am considering making the bodice of the top in this fabric and the sleeves and body in the print. Or a summer tunic, or... I bought it by the kilo and haven't yet measured how much of it I actually have. Probably about two metres.
Yippe for all the above.
Can't wait to get started.

On a less positive note, I am disappointed with my camera's colour rendering. I found with my patchwork square below and with the material above that my camera just doesn't do bright colours. Maybe I have to tweak about with the settings...

Right onwards!

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