First Post

This is my first posting on my new blog. I am not sure as to how it all works. I will have to be patient and tenacious! As will any reader.

I have decided to create this blog for my own personal, organisational reasons: to keep a clear mind and a sense of direction.

I think that the main themes of this blog will be my
  • creative projects in knitting, sewing and painting,
  • attempts at cooking and thoughts about eating (what, why, how), and
  • a record of my progress towards life simplification: reducing the quantity and increasing the quality of er everything (starting with possessions).
Inevitably also, I will be documenting my family's life. My family: Boyfriend (B), our Daughter (D) and our soon to be born as yet un-named little boy (S).

Oh and I like to-do lists so I am intending on using this blog to make and track lots of those!!!

Well that will do for a first posting.

I will now to go to the laundrette to tumble-dry some material that I am going to make little skirts out of (for D and her friend). I will then sew up a cardigan that I have just finished knitting for S and I could get on with making tea... cabbage soup! Cabbage soup because it was dark this morning when we woke up... autumn is coming and I am wearing socks again as from today. Oh and look through a beautiful catalogue of clothes from a Swedish designer I received through the post this morning and choose my 20% discount item!! Difficult to clothes-shop with a big belly for post big belly times but I will try.

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  1. Hi! I'm pregnant too! I'm anxiously waiting to go into labor (both excited and very nervous, since this is my first).

    I'm just browsing through blogs, and came across yours, so I thought I'd say hi. And I know what you mean about difficulty with clothes shopping,... I want to buy all sorts of new and pretty clothes, but it's hard to judge anything with a belly that feels like the size of a continent:)

    Anyway, it's nice to meet you. I hope you don't mind if I visit again:)



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